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When I first started working on this web site in 1999, I had this crazy idea it could be the focus of developing a national/international not-for-profit travel club.

Needless to say, this part of the website never developed the way I had hoped.

I now find myself focusing on other interest. Never the less, I have put up a FaceBook pages for those interested in receiving notices of updates to the websites via FaceBook. Jerrold's FaceBook page.

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Not For Profit Travel Clubs:

Here are links to non-commercial clubs I have found on the net:

The Globetrotters Club - has been active for 50 years and has local clubs around the world. Run by an all-volunteer board, it provides a newsletter (Globe) and contact with others that share travel interest. Cost: ($29 for U.S. members) covers the cost of printing and postage for the newsletter.

This Spain Travel Agent can arrange belcony viewing of the Running of the Bullsl
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