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Due to averaging 300 days of sun shine each year and an exceptional climate that moderates its summers, and winters, the Costa del Sol is the mecca for those seeking sea side fun. Stretching along the coast of the Mediterranean from the area of Gibraltar to Malaga, the seaside resorts of the Costa del Sol play host to tourist and (the USA equivalent of) "snow birds", many from Britain.
Along the Costa del Sol :



Costa del Sol, Benalmadena/Fuengirola
Above photo - A section of Costa del Sol seafront, some where on the line between Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

Most of the Costa del Sol reminds me of costal Florida but with mountains in the background. Like costal Florida, a major highway runs down the coast connecting a number of small, continuous, almost indistinguishable from each other, urbanized communities.

Costa del Sol, Marbella
Photo Above - A view of the Costa del Sol as seen from my room at the Don Carlos Resort.

It is easy to understand why this is an area favored for vacations/holidays by Europeans, particularly the British. Sun, beach, golf, an active night life, and a number of theme parks, bring in the young and old to the area.

Costa del sol, nikki beach

For USA traveler seeking to experience the culture and history of Spain the Costa del Sol is not the ideal place to find it. Yes, you will hear Spanish spoken, you can have some excellent meals, you will even run in to natives enjoying their seaside holiday. The good news is, for what Costa del Sol lacks as a Spanish experience you can easily find by traveling just a few miles north in to the mountain by visiting Ronda and other non-costal villages.

Costa del sol, boats at  dock

View the resort I stayed at near Marbella.

If you are spending a number of days in Spain, the Costa del Sol can provide a relaxing respite from the road, particularly if you are traveling with children. Just keep in mind, most resorts have minimum stays, usually 3 or 5 days. Also beaches become packed in late July, August, and early September. As some resorts also host major golf events, cost of hotel rooms for some resorts do not drop dramatically in the off season.

Marbella is consider to be one of the better resort communities. Malaga has an international airport used by many to enter the Costa del Sol Region but Malaga is not the city with the best resorts and beaches.

Go to the Marbella or Malaga pages.


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This page last updated December 2006
Information on this page comes from my October 2006 and earlier visits to Spain