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There is a lot to do and see in Cuenca, but it was the guidebook photos of the hanging houses that enticed us to this town. The old part of the city is hemmed in on three sides by a deep gorge carved out by two rivers. Along the cliffs of the gorge, a number of houses hang precariously on the edge.
Cuenca Attractions:

The Cathedral

Museo Diocesano

Plaza Mayor

Museo Arqueologico

Abstract Art Museum

A few more photos of the hanging houses


Perhaps one of the most photographed hanging houses, this is also the location of the Museo de Arte Abstracto. As a visitor to the museum's gift shop, you can stand on the balcony and enjoy a personal view of the gorge. The building dates from the 1400's AD.

Using Toledo as our home base, we drove down the N-400 and spent the day in Cuenca. We tried to follow the advice of our guidebook and take the signs to the cathedral, but we soon found ourselves snarled in traffic and completely lost. When I saw a parking sign, I seized the chance and pulled into a somewhat dilapidated parking structure which was located under a small plaza. The nice parking attendant gave us a map of the city.

Cuenca is located about 140 km. southeast of Madrid, by way of the N-400 or N-320.

Photo above - My son poses on the bridge behind the cathedral.

We knew we were near the old city when we spied the Calle de Alfonso VIII. As we walked (now on an upward slope) along the street, we took time to admire the rich color of the buildings before entering the Plaza Mayor.
Go to the Plaza Mayor.

Cuenca Outside Links:
Bam Jam Cuenca - Photos and some info.

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In the back end of the cathedral (near the "Museo de Arte Abstracto") there is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the gorge. The bridge provides an excellent view of the hanging houses and gives one a real feeling of the depth of the gorge.

Looking at the map, we had no idea where we were. My wife, using her best English, flagged down a passerby and asked him to show us our location on the map. He responded with confusion. My poor Spanish helped us some, but he still wouldn't point to the map. After trying ussuccessfullly to give me verbal directions, this very nice man walked us to a river crossing and pointed to an increasingly inclining group of stairs. Soon we found ourselves huffing and puffing as we realized there were a lot of stairs to climb before we reached the old city.

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