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Spanish Festivals

One thing Spain is loaded with, is festivals, some festivals are rather grand and a number are rather modest, many have a religious connection, some are historical, all provide a little insight in to Spanish culture. Some Spain festivals are worth arranging your travel plans around but do recognize during festivals the normal attractions of the city may closed or have limited opening hours, hotels increase their prices and the streets may be packed.

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Click on one of the festivals to the left to read the full article on the festival. The Festivals listed to the left and below represent but a small fraction of the festivals one can attend in Spain. Do verify festivals dates with official sources as they may change from year to year.

Festivals by the Month
The San Sebastian Drum Festival - Starting in the evening (January 19th) and lasting for a day and night, thousands of drummers march through the city of San Sebastian.
Three Kings Day - (January 6) You may exchange Christmas presents on Christmas but in Spain the children must wait until the "Dia de Los Reyes" to receive their presents . Starting the evening of January 5 the three kings lead processions through city streets while handing out candy to the children. On the morning of the Three Kings Day Spanish children awake to discover presents have been left for them.
La Candelaria - commemorating Jesus's arrival at the Temple of Jerusalem for purification, forty days after his birth. This event is celebrated all over Spain with festivities, parades and general merriment.
Valencia Fiesta of the Fallas - (March 15-19) The art of joking. Fire that wipes out the old and brings forth the new has culminated this fiesta of Fallas for hundredths of years. A lot of work goes in to making these fantastic creations of art but only a few will be saved from the fire.
Moors and Christian Festivals - The city of Alcoy has this event towards the end of April but it is held in a number of villages all over southern Spain, at various times of the year. The Moors and Christians festival reenacts events of the Re-conquest; elaborate costumes, staged plays, parades and battles greet the visitor.
April Fair of Seville - The April Fair (Fería de Abril) is held two weeks after Semana Santa and carries on for a week. While the origins of the fair goes back to 1292 AD, it was not until Isabel II renewed its original charter in 1847 that the fair became a staple of Andalusia Life. Attended by people from all over the world the fair is both a public and private event for the Sevillan people. Introduction page for Holy Week and the April Fair is here.
Cordoba Patio Festival - Noted for its flower displays also expect to see horses and their coaches decked out in their finest attire. More info at
Fiestas de Haro - (June 29th in Haro ) The day of San Pedro is celebrated with a "Wine Battle" in the Riscos de Bilibio. More info can be found on A Diffrent Spain
Running of the Bulls, Pamplona - The Fermin Festivals spans a week in July (6 to 14) but the most important date is the running of the bulls on July 7. There is more to this festival than just the running of the bulls; the festival is named after the city's patron saint, expect to see processions, fireworks, bullfights and dancing. PETA has its own competing event 'running of the nudes' on July 5. Hotel rates double and triple during the Femin Fiesta , couples should expect to pay around 300+ euros for a nights lodging in a three star hotel.
Nava Cider Festival - Held the days before and during the second weekend in July. The Nava region is famous for Cider, made from apples as in the USA Spanish cider differs in containing as much alcohol as a strong beer. During the Cider Festival there are concerts, exhibitions and theater but you do not have to wait for the festival to experience the magic of Nava Cider. Read more about the Asturias Cider Shire in Nava - A Taste of Cider.
Fiesta de Verano in Malaga - Usual starts with fireworks on the second Friday of August. Featuring tradition Spanish dress and dances this fair features street dining experiences of tradition Spanish ham, cheese and fish combined with sweet red wine.
Wine Festival of San Mateo ( held in Logroño) - It is a week of festivities coinciding with the feast day of Saint Matthew, celebrated on September 21st.
Whiling away the time at wine bars or simply through strolling along the streets, you see dancing Giants and Big Heads, parades of carriages ornate with various symbols of wine making and a number of other ceremonies typical of Spanish fiestas. Most of all, this joyful harvest festival is a gastronomic delight with rioja wines and regional cuisine.
La Merced Festival in Barcelona - (September 24th) "La Merced," the day of parade and festival of Barcelona's patron saint, sounds like it should be a relaxing evening. But in reality, " La Merced" demonstrates a recurring theme in Spanish festivals found in many and varied forms: the struggle between life and death.
Fiesta de la Exaltacion del Marisco - This festival of seafood takes place in O Grove, Galicia. Combining traditional folkloric shows with seminars on seafood and the delightful consuming of all varieties of sea life, including barnacles, octopus along with mussels, cockles, flounder, clams and razors, to name a few. Check dates, festival usually held first or second week of October.
Orujo Festival in Potes - Potes is a medieval looking town in a green valley, surrounded by slopes with glowing autumn tints and coroneted with snowcapped mountains of the Picos de Europa. Here the Orujo festival is held in November. During the festival weekend, shining copper stills keep distilling Orujo in festival stands and town squares. Pipers and drummers conjure up cheerful folk music leading the celebrants through narrow streets, over stone bridges, past towers and other elaborate constructions from the fifteenth century.The strong Orujo alcohol, prepared from grapes in stills, is the pride and joy of the Liébana valleys.
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