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Many people don't feel a visit to Gibraltar is worth the time, as it's not Spain and it's not really like visiting the British Isles. Still, I found my visit to the Rock of Gibraltar to be a welcome relief from touring another cathedral or castle.
Gibraltar's main sights:
A Visit to the Great Siege Tunnels
St. Michael's Cave
The Barbary Macaques (photo below)
Dolphin watching, get a boat tour.
Moorish Castle
Gibraltar Museum, 18-20 Bomb House lane

A view of the "Rock" from the airport runway.

Gibraltar is rich in history; to the early Greek and Romans, Gibraltar was one of the two pillars erected by Hercules to mark the edge of the world. For many citizens of the USA, the "Rock" has been permanently marked into their childhood through repeated viewing of an insurance company advertisement that touted the company to be"as stable as the Rock of Gibraltar!"


Outside Links Specific to Gibraltar:

The Tourism Board web site

History & Politics

Nature & Wildlife

The M@G a web-zine on Gibraltar

Interactive Map of Gibraltar, click on the "Map of Gib." link to the left then look for the "info" symbols to click on.

St. Michael's cave in Gibraltar
St. Michael's cave is one of the sights (within the rock) of Gibraltar.

Getting there:
La Lina, Spain is the primary gateway to Gibraltar. The border crossing is located across from La Lina's main square, the Plaza de la Constitucion. We got a hotel in LaLina and then walked across to Gibraltar. You can take a car, but do check in a guidebook as there are some extra requirements.

In my 2000 visit to Gibraltar it was fairly easy to cross from Spain into Gibraltar. We were asked to show our passports (they didn't stamp them) on entry to Gibraltar. On the return to Spain we were just waved through.

A view from the cable car

Once you get through customs, you get to walk across the airport runway. If you don't see any cars crossing with you, do look for the crosswalk light and verify the way is clear with no planes landing.

I like to walk. For me to really experience a place, I have to huff and puff a little, and Gibraltar provides a lot of opportunity for huffing and puffing. If you're a walker, ignore all the tour-by- car offers and walk up the main street, through the shopping district, until you get to the cable car. The cable car drops you off at the top of the rock and you can use it to return to the bottom or just walk down as we did. Plan on walking for about 6 or more hours to see the Rock (Even though you start at the top, this is up, as well as some down walking). If you only have a few hours and lack your own car, you will need to take one of the taxi or van tours. They like to have at least four people and charge around 7 pounds per person (Nature Reserve tickets are extra). By car the tour takes about 1 1/2 hours.

When the apes leave, so will the British, or at least that's the legend.

A view of Africa from Gibraltar



Visit the Great Siege Tunnels of Gibraltar


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