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Photo Avove - My wife and son check out the bedroom while I amire the living room.
Click Here, to see the bedroom (hit the back button to return here).

In Guadix some 2000-plus cave homes dot the area known as the Barrio Santiago. While cave homes are common throughout the province of Granada, you won't find more in one spot than here. Some of the cave dwellings look like small cottages. Others look like walled earthen mounds with chimneys sticking out of the earthen parts.

After spending the day enjoying the Mediterranean, we arrived in Guadix at 19:00 (7 P.M.), right at closing time for the Alcazaba and Cave Museo. The guidebook indicated the caves were beyond the Alcazabe so we headed "beyond" and upward, following the signs directing us to the museum."

The cave homes' thick walls insure warm interiors for the winter and cool living during the hot summers with room temperatures maintained at 19ºC all year long.

Photo Left - The view of the living and dining rooms from the master bedroom

Guadix is located about 35 miles from Granada on the N -342.
As we entered the cave district, the streets turned and twisted. While we knew the museum was closed, we planned to use its parking lot and explore the area on foot. It seemed like it was taking forever when I missed a sharp turn. In order to get turned around I had to back into the driveway of one of the cave houses. Before I could leave, the owner flagged me down to tell me she would show the three of us her house for only two euros. We took the owner up on her offer and received a wonderful tour. The owner spoke no English but somehow we managed to understand everything she said (at least I think we did :- )

Above; A typical cave house.

While the chimneys looks like they were made to let out smoke, they are really used to provide fresh air to the inside of the house.

Click Here, to see a panoramic view of a cave house (the photo will open in a new window).

Apparently the Moors were the first to carve into the soft rock of Guadix. Today the "cave district" accounts for a good square mile of the town.

Some of the homes are very luxurious and can even be rented out for a stay.


Photo above - In the kitchen

Photo of another bedroom

for a view of the sitting room click here (photo will open in a new window)

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