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In the center of the Costa del Sol resort region, the community of Marbella offers relaxation and shopping.

Famous for its history as the "it" resort of the Costa del Sol, Marbella offers clean beaches, elegant shopping, clubs, art, world class golf resorts and restaurants; sport clubs, a casino and if you spend a little time searching, a few remnants of its Roman and Moorish past.

As we were spending a couple of days east of downtown Marbella, at the Don Carlos Resort, we drove in to Marbella for the day. We follow the signs as best we could, eventually deciding we must be in or near the downtown area of Marbella. Searching for Parking, we followed the blue "P" signs, which pointed us to a lane of traffic descending under the city. In Marbella public parking can often be found in underground lots, luck was with as we had parked in a lot directly under the Avenida del Mar.


Above photo - Marbella sets between the sea and the mountains.

Photo Above - beach at Marbella, as seen early in the day during the first week of October.

Photo above - I did not check the sign on this Salvador Dali sculpture but it should does look to me like the slaying of Medusa by Perseus.

Along the Avenida del Mar, is a park like setting with a number of Salvador Dali statues. Heading north from the Avenida del Mar will take you in the direction of the Plaza de los Naranjos. Around Plaza de los Naranjos is the old quarter of Marbella, where you will find fashionable shopping and the close by, Museo de Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo (home to a number of Picasso's). Head south on the Avenida del Mar and it will take you to the sea.

Attracted by the Salvador Dali sculptures beckoning us to the south, we walked the plaza adjacent to Avenida del Mar, heading to the sea.

While the wealthy may shop in Marbella, I was told most do not live here but have homes out side the city. To see their yachts you will need to seek out the Puerto Banus, located a little distance west of central Marbella.

A pedestrian walkway, lined with palm trees, separates the Mediterranean sea from most of the commercial district of Marbella.

Taking the pedestrian walkway we headed to the west towards the tourist information office. To the left, on the beach, were couples and families taking in the warm October sun, many even entering the water; to our right, restaurants and shops. My wife immediately spotted the shops.

Several shops later we had made our way to the Information Office.

The Marbella Tourist Office is very helpful, if you are planning a few days in Marbella you will definitely need their assistance as most book guides skim over Marbella's attractions.

With a good lunch under our belt and my wifes shopping complete we spend a few hours resting on Marbella's beach before heading back to our resort.

If you find your self spending a few days in Marbella you might want to take a day trip or even spend a night in Ronda. Only about an hours drive from Marbella, Ronda can be easily reached by bus or car.

Learn more about the Costa del Sol region.

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This page last updated December 2006
Information on this page comes from my October 2006 visit to Spain