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Using the internet to find the best price on an airline ticket to Spain can be a time-consuming task. Finding the best possible deal can often take several hours over a number of weeks, checking web sites and watching for those price specials.
Dealing with Jet Lag

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Use the search engines below to find the best deals: (see additional tips below) Non-US citizens should use Flight Search

Auto Europe - Known for its brokering of rental car services in Europe, Auto Europe is now brokering U.S. to Europe flights. You do not get the option of picking your airline on this booking engine. I have not had a chance to check out the Auto Europe booking engine extensively. On a test run of the engine, I found tickets to Europe could be either a couple hundred dollars more-or less-than offered by some of the other flight booking engines listed below.

Last minute booking - . A Travelocity company, reports to be the industry leader in deeply-discounted last-minute travel packages.

Flight Search - Showcased by my Traveling in Spain website, it is powered by Travel Now. The Travel Now Flight Search can be used by most nationalities. This booking engine provides price comparisons for both U.S. domestic and international flights. This air flight-booking engine accesses a wide selection of quality air carriers and available flight times.

Low Fares to France and Europe - Air France flies from 11 U.S cities to nearly 200 destinations in 83 countries.

- Priceline air and hotel packages.

Taking spare lithium batteries with you on the plane? New rules for 2008.

Additional Tips:
Besides looking for the best price, there are a few other things one should keep in mind when using an online air flight booking engine. If there is a stopover, make certain adequate time is allowed to catch the second part of your flight. A few booking engines appear to be very good at allowing sufficient times, but others sometime only allow a few minutes to get across some rather big airports. Sometimes those cheap flights also mean an extra stopover, meaning a longer flight time to your destination. Also, taxes and fees are becoming more and more costly. Make certain you read the fine print; do look at what is included or not included in the price--airport fees, taxes, etc. Also, what guarantees are given? Are there special protections for online booking? What happens if you must delay or cancel your trip? Fees for changing nonrefundable tickets have increased considerably.

Planning tips:
Spain's international airports are located in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga .

Are you a student? You might want to check out the Council on International Educational Exchange

The rules for finding the best air ticket price seem to be changing weekly. Old rules of thumb may not be as relevant today as they were in the past. To get good value in a plane ticket, be flexible. Often by moving travel dates by just a few days can save you significant sums of money.

When you receive your tickets, check them over right away. Does your name on the tickets match your passport? How about the travel dates--are the ones on the ticket correct? Do not wait; if there is anything wrong with the tickets, make a telephone call and get it corrected right away. The name on your ticket should match the one on your passport. If it does not, you may be turned away when you try to board your flight. In the past, a name correction was done at no charge.

Finding the best deal:
Personally, I have given up looking for the best possible deal. It just takes too long, and for the trips I have taken to Spain (off season) there hasn't been a significant difference in price from what I have found at Flight Search and Expedia Search.

If you're looking to get the absolutely lowest price in an airline ticket, here is a process that might get you there.
To get an idea of what you might pay for a plane ticket, check rates at Flight Search and Expedia Search for the time period you plan to travel.

  1. Try the consolidators, such as; Airtech, Auto Europe or Economy Travel.
  2. Check with a local travel agent. Occasionally they actually can get you a fantastic deal.
  3. Check airplane ticket rates and specials at Auto Europe. See if they are offering any package arrangements.
  4. Do a price check at the airlines web sites.
  5. Look in to
  6. Make a decision and buy that ticket. Then arrange your Car Rental @ Auto Europe.


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