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Steeped in history, Salamanca is a World Heritage site, but much of its fame can be credited to its institutions of learning.
Salamanca's main sights:
Salamanca Home
The Old and New Cathedral
The Casa de las Conchas
Iglesia-Convento de San Esteban
Plaza Mayor
Roman Bridge
Museo Art Nouveau Y Art Deco

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Outside Links:
Salamanca Insider's Guide
Salamanca a World Heritage City
Salamanca University

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Above photo - The Catedral Vieja (old) and the Catedral Nueva (new) viewed from the Roman Bridge.
The Old and New Cathedrals are one building. The Old Cathedral contains frescos from the 1200’s. The 16th century New Cathedral's walls help to support the Old Cathedral.

Photo right--A butcher shop in Salamanca.

Founded early in the 13th century, the University of Salamanca became one of the most important seats of learning during the Middle Ages. Today one of its big draws is its language curriculum that caters to foreign students.

Photo above--The old library in the University of Salamanca displaying books holding a treasure of ancient knowledge.

We drove into Salamanca slightly before noon and spying the cathedral, we decided to try to find an inexpensive hostal or hotel near the old town. Soon we were in heavy traffic and one-way streets. While my companion drove, I was given the responsibility of sighting potential accommodations. “There’s one!” I pointed to a hotel only a hundred feet ahead on the left. But, where could we park? Some two long blocks later, we were finally able to change lanes to the left. Two more blocks later, we were able to turn left. I stopped looking for hotels and started looking for parking. Following the signs to 'parking' we turned down a narrow street; we never found the parking but soon we were not able to drive forward. The street was blocked by parked cars. While my driver dealt with getting our car turned around, I decide to check with some of the hotels and hostales in the immediate area. “No reservation, no room.” I was told by the clerks.

While we eventually found a place to stay in Salamanca, I was surprised hotels near the old city were reporting to be full during October. Apparently, during the school year students occupy a number of the less expensive accommodations of Salamanca, making it harder for the tourist to find a vacancy near the old city.

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This page last updated December 2007, information primarily from my 2003 Spain visit.