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The Cathedral of Seville is a world wonder. It is the largest cathedral in Spain and the third largest (by square footage) in the entire world. If one made comparisons solely by the interior air volume, this cathedral might be the largest in the world.
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Above photo - The flying buttress of the Seville Cathedral.
Exterior Details
Inside the Cathedral:
More Photos
The tomb of Christopher Columbus
Giralda Tower
Patio del Mariscal
Patio Naranjos

If you had visited this spot in the 12th and 13th centuries, you would have had the opportunity to visit the Almohade Mosque. Today, almost all signs of the mosque are gone. In its place is a Christian Gothic cathedral started in 1401. The cathedral took just a little over 100 years to complete, retaining only the Patio Naranjos and the Giralda Tower from the former mosque.

Photo Above: Stone sculpture on the exterior of the cathedral.

In October of 2003 a visit to the cathedral was one of my main reasons for going to Seville. Luckily, I had allowed four days to see the city. I almost missed getting into the cathedral due to not planning my time well and special ceremonies in the cathedral related to the Pope naming a Sevillen to Carnal status.

Before being torn down for construction of the current cathedral, the Almohade Mosque was converted for Christian worship and was used from 1248 to1401 A.D. as a cathedral.

Photo above: The cathedral's ceiling, showing the vault and ribbing.

Click on the photograph to see a larger version.

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Information on this page is from my October 2003 visit to Spain.