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Seville's main sights:
Seville Home
The Cathedral and Giralda Tower
The Royal Alcazares
Palaces - House of Pilate, House of Lebrija
Museo de Bellas Artes
Bullfighting Ring
Torre del Oro
Plaza de Espana
Plaza de Americas - Archaeological Museum, Museum of Popular Art and Traditions.
Seville Patios/Court Yards
Plaza Nueva
Santa Cruz district, Plaza Virgen
Festivals - Holy week, April Fair
Old city wall
Shopping in Seville

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The tower was designed by Ahmed-Baso in 1184.

Above: The bronze weathervane known as "giraldillo"

The Giralda Tower was originally a minaret, part of the Moorish mosque that preceded the cathedral. In 1248 the minaret was considered a marvel even to Fernando III, who demanded its protection prior to his conquering the city.
Exterior Details
Inside the Cathedral:
More Photos
The tomb of Christopher Columbus
Giralda Tower
Patio del Mariscal
Patio Naranjos
Photos from inside La Giralda.
View of Seville from the top of the Giralda.

The construction of the Tower (Minaret) was ordered by the Almohad ruler Yousouf Yacoub al-Mansour.

Construction was started on La Giralda in 1184 and lasted for twelve years. When completed in 1196, the top of the tower didn't look like it does today. It was used to call Moors to prayer and also as an astronomical observatory. In 1198 four brightly polished copper spheres were added by the Moors to the top of the tower. The reflecting sunlight from the balls was so brilliant the city made its presence known for miles. When the copper spheres were destroyed by an earthquake in 1356, they were replaced (in 1400 A.D.) by Christian religious features (cross and bell). The present bell room at the top was added to the tower in 1560, with construction ending in 1568AD.
Photos from inside La Giralda. - Visit the Bell tower.
View of Seville from the top of the Giralda.

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