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Holy Week (Semana Santa) - Page 2
Text by: Paula Repo
Photos by: Pasi Rein
Seville's Fiestas:
Holy Week
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Holy Week page 2
Holy Week page 3, getting the best views
Holy Week page 4, photo page
Seville's Festivals - top page
El Silencio march in silence

The procession of El Silencio represents piety and penitence in a rigorus way. Accompanied by religious songs and led by a cross the procession of 850 brothers in black robes sets out from the Royal Church of San Antonio Abad at 01:05 on Good Friday

Photo above - The penitents drag their crosses behind the "nazarenos

"Nazarenos" wearing pointed hoods are followed by penitents dragging crosses on their shoulder. Some of them walk barefoot. Next come the 36 "costaleros" carrying the float of Our Lord Jesus of Nazareth. The float is decorated with purple candles and purple lilys. Another 35 float bearers proceed behind sustaining the canopy of the Holy Mary of the Conception. White candles and orange blossoms surround the sorrowful figure mourning for the death of Christ.

Photo above - White carnations and candles decorate the float of the Holy
Mary of La Esperanza Macarena

Photo above - The float of El Silencio portrays Jesus with the cross over his shoulder, but in the opposite position to that which is usually observed..

The brothers of El Silencio perform this long march of four and a half hours in silence, without music, their gazes fastened straight ahead. Also the crowds sink into a silence when this brotherhood walks by. In contrast, many other brotherhoods parade in bright colors accompanied by Roman legions and bands made up of brass and woodwind instruments, bugles and drums.

Photo right - Also the penitens in the El Silencio procession carry the crosses in a different position than the penitents of other processions..

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