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Who is Jerrold? Why did you make this site?

Let's start with what we are not; we are not travel agents, employees of a travel company, or experts on Spain or European travel.

My wife and I at "La Taperia".

Update Note - a lot has changed since I wrote the passages below. I am looking in to possible ways to update this website but other priorities and fast technological changes are making it difficult.

I hope you will find some of the info on Traveling In Spain still useful; Please be aware much of the content is now dated.

<<Content below to be updated when I can>>

I am a guy who enjoys going to new places and learning about different cultures. I have a degree in anthropology, but due to my problems with learning languages, I never pursued a career in the field. Instead, I stumbled into a career in Human Services. I have never been accused of being a great writer, but people do seem to think I can make decent photographs. The arts and photography have been interests of mine since childhood, as have my interest in history and architecture. I see my central characteristic as that of an explorer.

My wife traveled extensively in Europe and eastern Europe during the 1970's. She enjoys traveling as much, or more, than I do. Unlike me, she has strong language skills but unfortunately not in Spanish.

The Traveling In Spain website started in 1999 as a way to teach myself website design and to share some of my travel photos/experiences. My goal for this website has evolved as time has gone on. Today, I look to the website to fund our travel in Spain and other European countries. I hope the website will provide my wife and me income in an early retirement, as well as recreational activity. I also hope my website opens up the possibility of European travel to people of all economic levels and language skills.

On March 21, 2003, we established the Limited Liability Company, Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC with the hope of developing additional country guides to complement In July of 2004 my family visited Ireland; resulting in a new website Travels In Ireland. After traveling with my son in southern England during 2006 we created a third website Traveling In England.

I am trying to make the websites consumer oriented. Like the visitor to my site, I am looking to obtain good value for money spent. At the same time, I am trying to figure out the best places to visit and the best ways to travel. I share my experiences (some mistakes) so others can learn from them. I prefer large photos of destinations, all on one page, because small photos just don't give one a good "feel" of the destination. As I can, I am testing the services of the travel providers and describing what I find. I also try to make clear who you are dealing with when purchasing services, but given the nature of internet marketing, this is not always easy. I hope the visitor will use his or her own good judgment in using the commercial links and the information provided in TravelingInSpain. My report is often from a one-time experience; your adventures with a service provider can be different. Additional information can be found on the Disclaimer and Disclosure pages. If you want to know even more about what is or is not happening with me and the websites, you can check out my on-line Journal.

These are the only websites owned and operated by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC that are currently active on the web:


Ok, enough about me and the web site.

Contact Information:

I always like to hear the comments and recommendations of visitors. I can be contacted by sending an e-mail to

Replies are dependent on how busy I am at any particular time.

Thanks for visiting and supporting Traveling In Spain.
Jerrold VanNocker
Michigan, USA is owned and maintained by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC

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