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A recommended Spain Travel Agent - see my review.

This page contains links to Spain hotels I have stayed in and have done a written review on. While some of these hotels are listed in the Unique Accommodation Archive others or not as they did not seem to fit the criteria.
Ronda Hotel
The inviting Hotel San Gabriel is located in the center of Ronda's historic old town. My wife gives this hotel the "ideal for honeymoors" rating.
Laguardia Hotel
Located in the heart of Laguardia's old town the hotel La Posada Mayor de Migueloa is a surprise in more than one way.
The Parador of Sos del Rey Catolico
Receives the highest rating my wife has ever given to a Spain accommodation. The first words out of her mouth, even before we had entered our exceptional room, were
"I never want to leave ! "

Zaragoza Hotel
One of Zaragoza's top rated hotels, this hotel caters to prominent business professionals but you might also run in to sports, music and film celebrities.
The Don Carlos Hotel and Beach Resort
Located on Nikki Beach, east of central Marbella, our nights (and days) at the Don Carlos were some of the most relaxing of our trip.
Valencia Hotel
All the central, downtown, sights of the city and shopping are in easy walking distance of the Vincci Lys Hotel.
Prado hotel
My very first attempt at a hotel review done from a 2001 visit. The Prado has a lot to offer a family visiting Madrid: location, internet access, clean rooms, modern facilities, pleasant English- speaking clerks, and air-conditioning.

For more information on staying at any of the above accommodations or at other lodging gems of Spain, contact my recommended Spain Travel Agent.

Note: Madrid and Beyond arranges trips in their entirety, not segments or single nights; they book almost exclusively with three star hotels and above.
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To book one of these accommodations go to the Madrid & Beyond booking page.

Read my Review of Madrid & Beyond Services - A Spain Travel Agent

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Unique Accommodation Archive
If you want quality accommodations of character and value you will want to check out this section of my website.
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RUNNING WITH THE BULLS OF PAMPLONA: The 'Festival of Saint Fermin' goes from July 6 to July 14. Hotels start filling up in January, book early.
Hotel La Bobadilla: Super Luxury, Stay in a place that has been visited by His Majesty the King - Don Juan Carlos I, Jessie Norman, Tom Cruise and many other famous personalities.
An Apartment in Malaga - This extremely-stylish third floor apartment is close to all the city's best restaurants, it is also just a ten minute walk to the beach and the Gibralfaro.
Cell Phone for Spain, Buy or Rent - My experience with an, un-locked, international cell phone that allows one to call using domestic rates from the country being visited and have free incoming calls.

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