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Many people booking holidays on the coast will enter Spain at Malaga's airport and never visit the city. Yet, I found Malaga to be one of the friendliest cities in Spain with several attractions worth visiting.

Malaga's main sights:
The Cathedral
Views of the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro
Roman Theater
Paseo del Parque
Picasso Museum
Jardines Botánicos La Concepción and El Retiro

TravelNow provided info. (From the Rough Guide)

Malaga Destination Guide
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EL Chorro Gorge And Antequra
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Part of the Costa del Sol region, Malaga is a port city on the Mediterranean Sea.

A view of the Bull Ring and harbor area from the Gibralfaro

Malaga was established in the 8th century by Phoenician traders.

The old Muslim castle (the Gibralfaro) sits on a ridge that overlooks the city. At the bottom of this ridge is the Alcazaba, the younger Muslim palace-fortress. There is a long rampart connecting the two castles, but you cannot walk in or on top of it. To get from one castle to the other, take the bus or the path on the south side of the Alcazaba. I walked up and down the path. I understand most people prefer to take the bus up and walk down.

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The entrance to the Alcazaba as viewed from a rampart.

This photo was taken at the south end of the garden of the Paseo del Parque. You can barely see the Gibralfaro on the ridge.
The walking path is easy to find at the Gibralfaro. The path is a little harder to find at the Alcazaba. If you start on the south side of the Alcazaba and just head up, I do not think you can go wrong.
So many places will not let you take pictures or they charge you for every little attraction. In Malaga many things are free and even the cathedral lets you take photos (no flash).
A closeup of the ridge and Gibralfaro.
While Malaga is very much a modern city, it also continues to be a working fishing port.

Go to the Costa del Sol page or view a few photos of the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro in Malaga.

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This page last updated March 2007- Most of the information on this page comes from my 1999 visit to Spain.