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A Classic Train tour
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Occasionally I receive e-mails from people requesting information on a southern Spain train tour they had seen on a PBS travel program.

Unfortunatly, the Al-Andalus train tour is no longer an option. The company which runs it, Iberrail, has filed for bankruptcy.

It will take a while to remove all the links to this page.

Boarding the Al-Andalus

The first time I received such an e-mail, I had no idea what the guy was talking about, but he seemed really impressed with what he had seen on TV. With a little research I was able to find some information about the Al-Andalus Express. I have yet to take this train tour my- self, but here is what I have found out.

Al Andalus Expreso is a luxury train tour in the manner of the Orient Express. Five of the seven restored sleeping cars were built in France in 1929. If you take this tour you are really stepping back in time to an age of train travel almost non- existent in the present century.

You spend all but one night right on board the train, sleeping in comfort. Compartments are comprised of two single beds, or if you prefer, you may choose one of five double-bedded compartments. Each room has its own private restroom with shower. During the day, beds are folded away, changing the room into a comfortable lounge with table and chairs from which to watch the passing country- side or sit and catch up on your reading.

A view of one of the single beds with the nearby restroom.
The compartment also has a space to store your luggage and a wardrobe and drawers for your clothes, not to mention your own private safety deposit box. All compartments have air-conditioning as well as heating with individual temperature control.
With a choice of two dining cars, a bar car, and a lounge and games car, there is no need to spend all your time in your room.

While the itinerary changes from year to year, generally, over 5-6 days the train visits different southern cities of Spain such as Granada, Ronda, Seville and Cordoba. Train packages generally include guides, entrance fees, all meals, and snacks.
The train has been carefully restored, maintaining its original decor, and adding all the comforts of the most modern trains.

You do need to book early. There are a limited number of departure dates for the train tour (see box below), and there are only seven sleeping cars with a maximum capacity of 74 passengers in the 37 Club compartments.

Travel Dates: Departure dates for Al- Andalus vary from year to year. Generally no train dates are scheduled during the winter.
By now you are probably wondering what it costs. Well, it isn't cheap (we are talking about a luxury tour, in a classic rail car). For two individuals, double occupancy, figure to lay out 5,400 to a little over 6,000 euros for an Al-Andalus train tour package.
Hint: Ask about discounts for honeymooners and silver or golden wedding anniversaries (expect to provide documentation). In the past, discounts have been offered by Al-Andalus.
For more information (travel dates, cost and booking) on the Al Andalus Expreso, or participating in other unique visits of Spain contact Madrid and Beyond. (booking request page)
For more information on taking the Al Andalus Expreso or other unique visits of Spain contact Madrid and Beyond
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The photographs for this page were provided by Al Andalus and are used with permission.