Toledo Train Station
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The Toledo train station is similar to the train stations you will find in other small communities around Spain.

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Toledo Train Station

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Actually, the train station is reminiscent of many train stations built in American small towns during the 19th century.

Here you are not going to have to worry about which ticket window to use (there are only two).

Photo Left: Waiting at the Toledo train station.

Before arriving at the train station, we had failed to check departure times for trains to Madrids so we were happily surprised to see the next train would be leaving in 20 minutes. Joining another 10 people in line, we watched the minutes slip by as the person at the head of the line appeared to be working out an elaborate train route with the ticket agent. Finally, the line started moving. Various announcements (in Spanish) could be heard over the PA. We started worrying whether we would get to the ticket window in time to make the train. Then all of a sudden, the people in the line appeared obviously disgusted and soon my family, with a few other foreign travelers, were the only ones in front of the ticket window. With the help of a French traveler we learned the train to Madrid had been cancelled and there was an hour and 45 minute wait for the next one. I only wonder where all those other people ran off to--the bus station?

Waiting at a train station gives one time to admire its architecture. In the Toledo train station you can study the marvelous stained glass windows and roof truss structure.

It seems to me that early train stations (both here in the U.S. and in Spain) have an elegance about them disproportionate to the economic wealth prevalent during the period of their construction. While I recognize rail barons had the money to make the rail stations ornate, what was the financial incentive to turn the train station into a palace?

Ticket Window line

Ceiling Detail


The train station was built in the 1920's in what is known as the Mudejar architectural style.

When coming out of the train station, you can take one of the waiting taxis up to the center of town or turn to the right and walk up to the road where you can catch the bus. If you decide to walk up to the old town, consider yourself forewarned. It isn't a short walk and a lot of the walking is uphill.


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Talgos - are the fastest trains and only stop at the major cities.
Rapidos - are the, regular, daytime long-distance inter-regional trains.
Estrellas - are the night time version of Rapidos.
Cercanias - are the local commuter trains.
AVE - high speed train from Madrid to Sevilla (2 hours 30 min.)
EUROMED - high speed train from Barcelona to Valencia (2 hours 50 min.)
Arco - line between Barcelona and Valencia, stopping at main cities along the Mediterranean coast.
Alaris - high speed line between Madrid and Valencia, makes the journey in 3 and a half hours.

Maximum speed of a high speed train is 220 Km/hour.

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The train schedule I received for Cordoba and Malaga was in Spanish. Click here to view the Spanish train schedule.

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