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For a recent trip to Spain, I decided to use a travel agent. While I normally prefer to make my arrangements myself, this was a family vacation. I was running out of time to research suitable online hotels. In addition, it didn't seem practical to go from hotel to hotel, family in tow, looking for vacancies once we arrived in Spain, particularly in the hot summer heat. One of my contacts in Spain referred me to Madrid & Beyond for travel assistance.

Perhaps one of the best reasons for using a travel agent is to take some of the worry and work out of the trip. In the case of Madrid & Beyond, you have an English-speaking agent to call on for assistance, right in Spain!

Above - pool at a Beach Resort in Marbella, my hotel arrangements were made by Madrid & Beyond.

They also can relieve some of those pre-trip jitters by taking care of all those bothersome travel details.

Madrid & Beyond takes pride in often being able to arrange accommodations for less cost than if a traveler contacted the hotel directly.

I e-mailed to Madrid & Beyond the number of people in our party, our arrival and depart dates for each city, and gave them specific instructions as to where I wanted my hotel in each city (i.e. near a main highway, city center, etc.). I also provided Madrid & Beyond with some idea of what we expected in a hotel and average nightly cost we were willing to pay for accommodations. Madrid & Beyond responded back by e-mail with a hotel recommendation for each of the cities, including a short but detailed description of the hotel and a total cost for the package. I provided Madrid & Beyond with my credit card information and soon received in my mailbox a travel package that included documents such as maps for all places visited with the hotel locations indicated, personal recommendations for restaurants and tapas bars, and hotel vouchers and city maps showing the precise location of each hotel.

A few of Madrid & Beyond services:

  • Specialized tours for groups.
  • Personal guided city tours
  • Cookery classes and other unique activities.
  • Arrange visits to wine bodegas.
  • Tapas Tours
  • Purchase of AVE train tickets.
  • Reservations for flamenco.
  • Walking tours
  • Reservations for bullfights.
  • Horseback riding excursions.
  • Request it, they will try to find a provider.
  • Madrid & Beyond is not the right Spain travel agency for everyone, Madrid & Beyond is not right for:
    • Travelers budgeting less than 120 euros, per night, for a hotel. Note, exception would be long term stay, apartments and houses.
    • Individuals that seek a total serendipity travel experience and want to spend the night where ever their feet might take them.
    • Travelers that have already booked hotels for their Spain trip.
    Please use the booking link at the bottom of the recommended Spain Travel Agent page to book your own Spain experience with Madrid & Beyond.

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Relationship Disclosure
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Note: the booking link for Madrid & Beyond is at the bottom of the recommended Spain Travel Agent page.
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