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Today, the Cathedral is home to what many believe to be the Holy Grail, the cup used by Christ during the last supper.

Valencia Home Valencia's Cathedral:
The Chapel of the Holy Grail
Cathedral Museum
The Miquelet
Interior photos

Outside links:
Holy Grail info.
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Valencia cathedral
Above photo - detail of the Cathedral located above the Hierros (Baroque) doorway Click on the above photo for a larger, zoomed out view, of the Hierros doorway.

Like many religious buildings around the world, the Cathedral of Valencia is build on the site of previous temples. During Roman times a temple dedicated to the Goddess Diana was found here. After the Romans, the Moors replaced the Diana Temple with a Mosque. Then, when James I of Aragon took the city from the Moors in 1238 he converted the Mosque into a christian church.
valencia cathedral Palau doorway

The Cathedral we view today in Valencia was started about 1261/62 AD and has had a number of modification, and additions since that time. The three doorways to the cathedral give testament to these changes as each doorway is decorated in a distinct style. The main entrance to the Cathedral is the Baroque decorated Hierros doorway (Puerta), the oldest entrance is the Puerta del Palau done in the Romanesque style and the Puerta de los Apostoles is done in the Gothic style.

Photo Left - the man is walking past the Palau doorway.

Photo Right - a detail from the Palau Doorway.

Photo down - A hidden treasure rediscovered

Cathedral art, 15th century

Hidden for hundreds of years, early 15th century art is now being uncovered.

detail of piller, valencia catheddral

Go to the Interior photos page to learn more about the lost 15th century art or click on one of the thumbnail photos below to see a bigger version.


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