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Festival of the Fallas page 2
Text by: Paula Repo
Photos by: Pasi Rein
Feel the rhythm of thunder
Imaginative and inventive. Not only Fallas need to be this to gain popularity.
Also the pyrotechnics attempt more than just sound and color.

Valencia Home Festival of the Fallas:
Fallas 2 - Mascletás
Fallas 3 - Flowers
Fallas 4 - The Fire
Fallas 5 - Museum

Outside links:

falla, fashion
Above photo -Beauty and fashion are common themes in these monuments of art.

Mascletás - orchestrated blastings of hundreds of explosives - take place every day of the festival week in the Town Hall Square.
fallas, night fireworks

Unlike traditional fireworks the Mascletás are not about color but about sound. The rhythm of thunder is the booster. Composed of successive stages the spectacle progressively increses the power and rate of the explosions. Most of the gunpowder of more than hundred kilos is reserved for the final, earthquake like stage that makes your whole body to vibrate.

Photo Left - Fire crackers prelude the burning ceremony.

Go to page 3 of the Fallas, Sense the Scent of Spring

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Fallas text copyright held by Paula Repo, photograph copyright by Pasi Rein .