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Festival of the Fallas page 3
Text by: Paula Repo
Photos by: Pasi Rein

Sense the scent of spring
Besides the boisterous carnival atmosphere aroused by fallas, mascletás,
fireworks, banners, music and numerous stands selling dainties of every kind,
the festival offers also devotional spirit and natural beauty. Flowers, the heralds of spring, give the fiesta its natural hue and perfume.

Basilica square in Valencia during the Fallas
Photo above - The Basilica square becomes filled with flower arrangements when Our Lady of the Foresaken gets her floral tribute.

Valencia Home Festival of the Fallas:
Fallas 2 - Mascletás
Fallas 3 - Flowers
Fallas 4 - The Fire
Fallas 5 - Museum

Outside links:
More info on the Flower offerings (

Fallas, Lady of the Forsaken dressed in flowers
Above photo - Our Lady of the Foresaken is dressed in flowers.

The floral tribute to Our Lady of the Foresaken turns the Basilica square into a colorful garden with thousands of bouquets and other flower arrangements. Accompanied on horns the processions of fallas-committees stream to the square. Wearing traditional costumes the falleras and falleros - - boys and girls representing the committees in various festivities - offer their flowers to the dressers of the virgin who decorate her fourteen meter long cloak. Every year the carefully designed symbol of the flower ornament is different, a well guarded secret revealed little by little to the public during the twentyfour
hours of the flower offering.
fallas, traditional costumes
Photo above - Falleras wear decorative costumes from different eras of Valencia's history.

Go to page 4 of the Fallas, Get Thrilled with the Fire.

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Fallas text copyright held by Paula Repo, photograph copyright by Pasi Rein .