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The city of Valencia has a fascinating history, marvelous markets, it is home to the 'Holy Grail', has the largest aquarium in all of Europe and, it has historic and ultra modern architecture. The city is also hosting the 2007 America's Cup.

Valencia's sights:
Valencia Home
Plaza de la Virgen
Mercado Central
The Turia riverbed
La Lonja
Ciutat de laes Arts i de les Ciencies Aquarium
City gates

Festival of the Fallas

St. Joseph of the Hospital
the narrow house
Palace of Marquis Dos Aguas
Plaza Redonda
Roman Museum

University of Valencia

Train Station

Valencia Food

Outside links:
Valencia trip
Valencia Guide (Highly Recommended) also has useful sections on Valencia Beaches and the History of Valencia
Valencia Government website

valencia, city of arts and sciences
Above photo - Part of the ultra modern entertainment and educational complex in Valencia splendid 'Ciutat de laes Arts i de les Ciencies' (City of Arts and Sciences).

Valencia has a lot to offer the visitor and with only two nights in the city we were happy that Madrid and Beyond had arranged for us a private guide.

Our guide met us at our hotel and from there we visited most of the location listed on the left by foot. To visit the City of Arts and Sciences we took a taxi.

Photo above - las fallas fiesta in valencia

While are visit was not timed to paricipate in the Festival of the Fallas I was able to aquirer an articule on the fiesta by a couple that was able to attend the event. The articule certainly has wet my apatite to see this event.

Photo above - squid at the Central Market.

Photo left - a private entrance to the Cathedral avoids the need to mingle with people from the street.

Photo Above - the Turia fountain, located in the Plaza de la Virgen.

I know, I should give you some background on Valencia; a major city of Spain (third largest), derived from a small roman town and, during the Spanish Civil war, with the lost of Madrid to the Nationals, named the Capital of the Republic. Not to mention the city's roll during the inquisition or the torching of Valencian churches by the anarchists (you can still see the black smoke marks on the exterior of some churches). But, it is time to move on to some of the other pages on Spain so you will not be reading about any of these events here, at least not any time soon. Valencia has a rich and turbulent history, a knowledgeable guide can point out the lingering hints of destruction brought by the Spanish War and the easily missed prison cells of the inquisition used to hold the condemned before their execution.

Learn more about Valencia's Fallas Fiesta
Check out the Cathedral of Valencia

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This page last updated April 2007
Information on this page comes from my October 2006 visit to Spain