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Family Vacations in Spain

Spain loves children and the sentiment is almost always reciprocated. It’s a fabulous country for family vacations, allowing children of all ages to explore all their senses and revel in a culture that warmly embraces them.

Photo Left - Child play area in a Laguardia public park.

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Some of the Special Experiences Madrid & Beyond can arrange:
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Until recently most hotels in Spain did not offer well-priced family rooms, and often families with small children struggled to find accommodation in one room; both costly and sometimes inconvenient. Fortunately, times are a changing and now hotel chains and some independent hotels have rooms for a family of 4 (cuadruple rooms in Spanish). Other hotels have wisely refurbished themselves with connecting doors between rooms. It is advisable to know exactly what your room arrangement is before confirming any booking.

Eating Out
Once you get the hang of tapeando, going from one tapas bar to another enjoying the specialties on offer, tapas is a fun and fascinating experience for all involved. Children of all ages tend to enjoy this informal and uniquely Spanish form of dining out.

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To really understand the art of tapeando, and to learn about the incredible variety of foods that are served up in these small portions, a hosted tapas tour at the start of the vacation makes perfect sense. That way, you’ll learn from an insider and appreciate the subtleties not just of choosing the food, but actually ordering it… not always a straightforward task in a busy, atmospheric tapas bar.

family enjoys their visit to a Spanish restaurant

And besides, on a tapas tour, you get to venture inside all sorts of wonderful places.

Most restaurants don’t tend to offer ‘children menus’ or make special allowances, such as color crayons to keep children entertained. However, children are welcome in all restaurants and in the summer, it’s a good idea to seek out those restaurants that offer tables on an outside terrace. You’ll often see (and be initially surprised by) children playing in the streets until past midnight in the height of summer, so dining out late Spanish style (Spanish evening meals usually start at 8 – 8.30pm) can be enjoyed by all the family, although an afternoon siesta usually helps!

Organized Activities, Tours & Excursions – what’s available
There is something for everyone in Spain and whichever city, coastal town or rural area you visit, there will always be options for all the family. Here are just a few of the many private organized activities that can be arranged: City tours customized to children. Whether on foot or by bike or by segway, children can enjoy a tour that is specifically catered to their interests. Having an expert, experienced guide who enjoys these types of tours is the key.

A flamenco show or even a flamenco class for aspiring young dancers. Active pursuits such as biking, horse-riding, canoeing and light hiking, including visits to authentic local spots, whether artisanal or gastronomic. Sailing excursions. Not inexpensive but a stunning way to enjoy the coastline or the Balearic islands. Visits to unique venues and places in Spain eg a private bull farm. Gastronomy city tours for the whole family. These can include local markets, centuries old candy shops, delis, artisanal cheese stores, chocolaterias and all those places that stimulate the senses.
For more active food activities, cooking classes are always engaging and fun, whether in the main cities or in the countryside, such as a Paella cooking class in rural Valencia.

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My recommend travel agent Madrid & Beyond, can arrange all of the above activities and many more, introducing you and your family to outstanding guides and access to some unforgettable characters.

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  • Madrid & Beyond does not book international airline tickets or make reservations at hostales.
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  • Madrid and Beyond's focus is on unique accommodations and three star hotels or above. Expect to pay at least 140 Euros per night for arranged accommodations

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More Children Friendly tourist sites for Spain:
City of Arts and Sciences
A couple of days at the beach is always a good way for both you and the children to take a time out from the castles and cathedrals. On the Costa del Sol there is Marbella. In the north of Spain try San Sebastian.


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