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Discover the majesty of Spain on mountain trails
By Paula Repo and Pasi Rein of

Photographs kindly provided by the authors

Sun, beaches, fiestas and culture are still the best known attractions of Spain, but don't leave it there. To visit the country without walking the mountain paths and trails is to miss seeing and feeling the glory of the Iberian nature.

Gorge of Infern, dazzling white rocks
Photo above - The dazzling white stones of the Gorge of Infern.

Especially on a short vacation it is essential to find walking routes that are safe and well described to avoid the frustrating experiences of getting lost or overexhausted. The Topwalks website offers a detailed description with slide shows, photos, maps and GSP waypoints on sixty walks in the Valencian country. You can choose a walk for your liking, whether it is an easy stroll in a lush valley or a demanding climb up the mountainsides.

The valley of Laguart was our first experience of walking in Spain, and it may well be yours. There is so much to recommend. Not only are the views magnificent throughout, but the ups and downs are easy along the Moorish steps.
Starting from Benimaurell the stone-laid Mozarabic trail winds downhill giving views over the green hills with terraces all the way to the sea.
Valley of Laguart in Valencia Spain
Click on photo above for an expanded view of the Laguart Valley

Click photo to enlarge & expand.
The colours of the surrounding rocks are stunning, a mixture of white, black and orange. If you set off early in the morning the likelihood of spotting wild boars is greater. The Moorish steps lead you first in the Gorge of Racons and later in the Gorge of Infern, where you walk on a trail covered by dazzling white stones and lined by smooth water-worn boulders.
Cavall Verd in Valencia Spain

Photo Above - Cavall Verd, click to enlarg.

Between the gorges you ascend to ridges with wonderful mountain and sea views. The saddle shaped Cavall Verd, which was the scene of the Moors last stand in Valencia, dominates the landscape. Along the route you encounter a number of charming fountains, first Grossa fountain in Fleix, then Benimaurell fountain, and, before you take the Moorish steps, the Olbis fountain. Halfway through the walk you come to Reinos fountain from where the path climbs uphill to the village called Juvees del Poble d'Enmig.

Photo Right - Benimaurell fountain

The descent to the Gorge of Infern is maybe the most spectacular part of the route. Besides the hills and mountains, you can marvel the Mozarabic trail snaking its way on the opposite slopes while stepping downhill towards a glistering waterfall (see photo below) that cascades along a black rockwall.

The trail crosses the gorge and meets the cascade filling the pools with crystal clear water. This is a nice spot for a break before tackling the final part of the ascent. On your way back to Fleix the trail runs through a hole in the rockwall and opens up views to the Laguart valley.

The Laguart valley offers a number of interesting walks. You can visit the Cova Santa, an impressive cave which you can reach by following the river bed of the Gorge of Infern to the northwest. On the opposite direction, in the narrowest point of the gorge lies the Dam of Isbert between hundred meters high rockwalls. Also, there is a route to the Cavall Verd. The walks in the Laguart valley are superb all year round, but naturally the splendor of flowers is at its best in the spring time.

Photo Right - water fall in the Laguart valley.

water fall

The walks described in the Topwalks website do not demand any special equipment, but you can make the experience more enjoyable if you have a proper outfit. Sunhat, suncream, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, stout shoes or boots are

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