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During our Oct. 2006 visit to Spain my recommended Spain Travel Agent arranged two wine tours for us, one in the Jerez region of Spain, the other in the Rioja wine region of Spain.

Both wine tours were given by personal guides, accompanied by a personal representative or family member of the Bodega owner. Taking a wine tour will not only allow you to experience the wines of the area but can also immerse you in the culture, art and history of Spain. Wine tours can also include gastronomy experiences, such as an introduction to Spanish tapas or lunch at a select restaurant.

Sherry wine tour
The Jerez de la Frontera area is famous for its sherry wines, which are my personal favorite. On this wine tour we had the opportunity to visit what are known as the other cathedrals of Spain and enter areas not open to the general public. One of the Bodegas we visited was a major art surprise.
A more authoritative article on sherry written by our guide

Rioja Wine Tour
Spain produces some of the best wines of the world and many consider the Rioja wines some of the best wines of Spain. In Laguardia we went below the village into wine cellars carved out in medieval times for storage. Besides including stops at famous traditional wineries our tour took us to the contemporary winery designed by leading architect, Santiago Calatrava.

Our English speaking guide and private driver provided us with a memorable day.

Did you know:
Spain has more land devoted to wine production than any country in the World.
Spain produces around a billion gallons of wine each year.
Wine Links:
The Splendid Table - Spanish Wine Picks. find their info on Sherry here.
wine tasting

Use my recommended Spain Travel Agent to book your own Wine Tour.

Working with excellent local contacts, Madrid & Beyond opens up some of the best-kept secrets of Spain for the traveler. Personal guides, private wine tours, walking and bicycling excursions, balcony seats for the running with the bulls are just a few of the possibilities.

Note: Madrid and Beyond arranges trips in their entirety, not segments or single nights. Also Note: Madrid and Beyond's focus is on unique accommodations and three star hotels or above.

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This page last updated February 2007
Information on this page comes from my October 2006 visit to Spain