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The Catedral de San Salvador (Cathedral of the Savior), natives of Zaragoza often referred to the Cathedral as "La Seo".


Above photo - the Torre (tower) de la Seo and main entrance gate to the Cathedral. That cube like structure at the base of the tower is the entrance to the Roman Museum.

La Seo, one of two Cathedrals in Zaragoza, is located at the east end of the Plaza Pilar, in the small plaza de la Seo. The other Cathedral of Zaragoza is the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar.

Photo above - interior view of the la Seo Catedral. Click on the above Photo to get an expanded large view, best for broadband users
(photo will open in new window).

Dating from the 12th century, extensive renovations to the Cathedral has resulted in a mixture of architectural styles. Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Mudéjar are all present in the structure.

When Zaragoza was ruled by the Romans this was the site of the Roman forum. While archeological digs have failed to find solid evidence, during the time of the Visigoths the historic record reports a Christian Church was located on this spot . In the 8th century the Moors build a Mosque here. With the fall of Zaragoza to Alfonso I in 1118AD the Muslims were given a year to vacate the city.

For a time, the Christians of Zaragoza used the Mosque as a church but in 1140 AD a the Mosque was demolished as a new Romanesque Cathedral was put up in its place.

It is here, in the Cathedral la Seo that the Kings of Argon were crowned in elaborate ceremony from the 13-15th centuries. The very last King to be crown in this church was Charles I.

Photo right - head to the north side of the church to view the elaborate Mudéjar brick and ceramic work that make up the north wall of the Cathedral. Click on the photo to see the expanded view (photo will open in new window).


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The above photographs were taken by (©) Agustín Martínez and provided by Zaragoza Turismo

This page last updated August 2007